Creating Mirror Between Two Computers

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Hello. Can anyone enlighten me whether Bittorrent sync can be set up for my particular purpose.

I have two computers with Drives D, E and F which I wish to mirror each other - the entire root directory of each drive, not just individual folders? My intentions is that I can work on either computer and they will contain identical files, updating the other as I go.

I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face but it's 1.30am and I'm done!

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions,



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I think you need coffee!!  If you want to mirror drive d to e to f on the one computer you need to use RAID in some configuration.  If you want to SYNCRONISE computer 1 drive D with computer 2 drive D etc etc, then yes you can, BUT BTSync synchronises FOLDERS, not drives, so you would need to synchronise each of the folders in the root of the drive.  You mention D,E&F, so I assume you have a C drive running the computer and the other drives are data - if so then you can simply add a top level folder in each drive (call it dataD for instance) and then you only have 3 folders to sync across the two computers which you can do with the free version :rolleyes:  hope this helps!

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I use the program to sync my mobile DJ library which  spans over multiple drives and while I dont take EVERY folder its almost every folder from 2 drives roots and sync them like mentioned here.   The only difference is I got a 2tb external HD made partitions on it which mimic the drives where I am copying music from and sync them to my PC.  It was rather tedious to set it all up and get things dropping in the right places but having smaller subfolders to me was the trump card over having one large root folder.   


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If you don't mind can I ask for some further advice... Sounds like you guys are the ones to ask...


I have Drive D, called PROJECTS1, with a folder inside called PROJECTS1. This folder is connected and sync to the same drive on a second computer. Everything syncs nicely at about 10MB/s.


My problem now is getting the process right for adding PROJECTS2 (on Drive E) and PROJECTS3 (on Drive F). At the moment when I add a folder from one computer (from either Drive E or F) it synchronises them to Drive D.


I hope that makes sense. Basically, how do I specify which drive I want the mirror to appear on the second computer. At the moment it's defaulting to the same drive as the first successful sync.


All advice gratefully received as I feel I'm on the cusp of something great here! :-)


Thanks, Jamie

EDIT: Aaaaaaahhh! Sussed it!


Before adding a new synced drive on Computer A you have to change the "Default Folder Location" under preferences on Computer B. Then before adding the next drive you again change the default folder location.


Seems like an odd way of doing things but at least now it works. 3x 2TB drives on Computer A now producing a perfect mirror on 3x 2TB drives on Computer B!


Thanks for your input guys. Hope this post helps other people along the way.

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I would try using 1.4 style 'folders' by holding shift and pressing the add folders button.  Add this folder manually to the other side using a key and point it to your second D drive and see what happens :-) Not sure how to do this with 2.0 style folders, but it could possibly be the same method.  I think there is a way to force the second machine to a particular folder if you have linked devices and identities, but it is too complex for me, I am sticking with the simplicity of 1.4 for now - it syncs folders just the same once set up.

Others may have more experience at the more complex bits so do feel free to join in to help this new member !

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@colinabroad - don't we all :)

@newvisionmedia - like colin said, using keys or manually linking them is the way to go. I can't seem to get the granular control like I want if I use mydevices.

To do this I created a new folder on PC A selecting a drive. Then shared the link via email, opened it on PC B and when prompted for the save location I selected the a drive (I think I had to actually 'open' the drive in the select window), click OK, and then delete the automatically appended drive letter from PC A.

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