Indexing One Folder At A Time?

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Hi All,

I am just in the process of starting again with V2.0 and I have set up computer #1 with two big folders - one 167Gb and the other about 135GB.  Both folders are on the same physical drive in the computer running win7Ultimate

1: The program is busy indexing folder #1 but is reporting date synced from when the folder was created.  How is this possible as it has not been connected to a peer, and so therefore has never synced.  BUG.  edit - DOUBLE BUG, we have not yet started the sync process at all !!!!  as all I have done is set up one side and indexed so how can we have a date synced??????

2: Second folder is doing NOTHING.  BUG, or POOR Programming - we are in 2015 and this is a multitasking windows machine with 8Gb RM and an i5 processor - it SHOULD BE indexing BOTH folders LIKE MAD.

3: Nothing else running in the foreground and the program is chugging away at about 11% CPU and 30% RAM - NOT good use of the machines resources at all.

4: Date synced on folder #2 (which has yet to start indexing) is reading the time the folder was created.  BUG  it has NEVER synced and so this cannot be.

Freefile sync takes about 2 minutes to index these folders ON TWO MACHINES across a LAN (from a fresh install of the software, not a cached syncfile) - why is BTSync taking so long to simply index one folder on one machine?  19 minutes now and only 100Gb indexed - POOR.

I will report in again when I get home and do the same on my WIn8.1 tablet that has a newer i5 only 6Gb RAM but a MONSTER SSD 1TB drive - SHOULD be a bit quicker to index I am hoping !!  I will then see if the two machines can sync themselves overnight without falling over. 

I am creating 1.4 folders in 2.0 as I simply require a straightforward two way sync on two machines of my own, so this should be pretty easy.

25 minutes and still only 120Gb done - I am off home for beer!


OK - home now with beer in hand. 

#2 computer uninstalled 1.4, deleted ALL instances of .sync, sync ignore sync ID and install V2.0.85  OK so far.  Now, Index the first large folder - oops no, can't do that can I !!  I now need to manually add the folder and get BTSync to do the syncing/indexing ..........

5: Date Synced reports time from first adding folder ...BUG AGAIN, as we have yet to index let alone sync to the other machine

6: Machine stuck at 1.3Gb for five minutes whilst traffic is flowing both ways up & down the internet - MUST be talking but the GUI is blank, no status, not sending no receiving no progress.  BUG - perhaps AMSSIVE lag between what the program is doing and what the MASSIVE GUI is reporting (or not)

7: Machine SUDDENLY after 12 minutes of having the folder added hits synced and starts ticking away again from zero minutes!!  BUT, we are now sending (who knows what, as both machines have identical folders when we started) perhaps it is communicating, NOT SENDING.  POOR Nemonclature in the reporting I would say as there is a MASSIVE difference between communicating the status and checking data base to actually sending data from one to the other machine (which will not happen I hope!)

8: We are now swaying between 6 days and 18 hours with 1% 'progress' being reported - this is clearly the process of initial checking of the two databases which again is painfully slow.

9: If the GUI is reporting that it synced 8 minutes ago, yet the status is sending and the progress is at 1% HOW did it manage to sync 8 minutes ago and what on earth is it doing now as no files have changed.  BUG.

Sorry if I am boring you all, but this is telling me that all the complaints made about the GUI not reporting what is actually happening under the bonnet fell on deaf ears.  I dare not add my second folder yet on machine #2 as who knows what might happen????

OK - so now, after not too much time really we are up and running with both large folders indexed and synced.  It is interesting to see that this post has been liked, but not actually read - it seems the GUI in the forum is about as accurate as the one in the software :-) 

10: Feature request (AGAIN) PUT BACK THE CIRCLE TICK IN STATUS or put it in the notification bar (in windows) so we can easily see all is synced and OK - Just like err..... Dropbox, cloudstation, onedrive(OK, Onedrive is a bit different, but I can look in the notifications bar to see if all is OK)  HOW easy would it be to put a tick inside the empty black circle?????????  EMPTY is NOT intuitive. a tick IS. The revolving arrows is great, but COME ON, use a bit of initiative and put some other info in there as well.  from closed GUI it takes right click, click, click, JUST TO SEE IF ALL IS SYNCED.  STUPID.   ALL my other apps simply require me to wave the mouse over the bottom of my screen (or waggle my finger on the tablet!)

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Is anyone there ?  or is it that nobody cares? 

I have reported several bugs here and not a single response from 'The Team' (or anyone else for that matter!!)

I am stuck at work now unable to do any work until BTSync has transferred a 100Mb file to my home PC.  It seems that even the communication between computers is limited to 'one at a time' as well, as I have four much smaller files backed up waiting to sync - one of which I wanted to 'save as' a pdf file, but I am not allowed as it is locked by BTSync!!!!  This I suspect is the way the software works, so I will be stuck with this everytime I do anything with a large file.

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You know that each reported problem needs logs to determine and tell you why exactly the problem is happening on your device, in your specific environment and that specific time period. Without logs it's hard to determine. 


Those "date synced"  BUGS are not BUGS. It's designed so.


Indexing may take long time if the files are not available right now. If you could send the logs while Sync was indexing, I would tall you the pace at which it's indexing the files. 

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So guys, the program is DESIGNED to lie - interesting!!  How can the software possibly be synced if it has never been connected to a peer ? - ridiculous and lazy programming in my opinion.  but its designed that way - excellent, thanks for letting me know.


I was not really reporting problems Helen, just giving people a step by step account of the initial setup process and the stupid (in my opinion) erroneous reporting that the GUI provides whilst this is happening  I am calling these bugs, but you say they are designed that way - fine, understood - great way to react to customer feedback!


The actual process of indexing and syncing two computers across the internet in China with about 350Gb of data which had already been copied to both machines actually went quite well. and only took a few hours in total, with the Win8.1 SSD winning hands down in the speed stakes.  My point here Helen is that if one is new to this software and takes at face value the reporting on the GUI one would potentially be most alarmed at what was reportedly going on.

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So guys, the program is DESIGNED to lie - interesting!

It's not a lie. Sync checks - "hey, are there any peers that are not synced with with folder? No? Ok, then I'm synced" - viola - 1 second ago. 

And it's not lazy programming. Claiming this is at least unfair. 


Colin, we understand all your reports, and we take into account each feedback and believe me, the team is working hard.

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