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I downloaded the latest version of Sync on my Pc and my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. I created an accound on my PC, and when i try to link my iPhone via the QR Code it gives me the following message:


"Can't link your devices. Please check your connection and try again"



Do you have any solution for this problem?

P.S. I tried to link my devices both on Wi-Fi and 4G

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I wasnt lucky enough to get an error message....

I had 4 computers, 2 at home, 1 laptop, 1 work PC.   I could not get my work PC to get a link established.   I figured the root of the problem was on my main PC, or work PC.  Mind you, the entire life I have synced I have had slow transferers, non responsive folder links, problems with peers not getting added etc.  While some of these may not be relevant suggestions, I would rather give to much info than not enough.  So here is my summary leading up to being fixed. 

*Uninstalled/reinstalled BT2 on 2/4 of my mirrored computers, deleted settings. 
*Dual router properly configured (DMZ i think)

*Static IPs verified, listening ports opened, and verified open with portforward network tools

*PC opened UDP 3000, and UDP 3838 via router (at work)

*multichannel (QoS/Rip) was activated, NAT and other settings in router tweaked slightly.

*enabled windows firewall (yes turned on as I read off can be a problem as well)

*verified BT sync was allowed in firewall exceptions, private and public.

*outbound firewall rules:UDP 3000 allowed, and 3838 allowed (at home) 

*virus scanned/cleaned
*after virus scan I ran a windows repair tool which has an assortment of tools to run post virus removal which fixes damaged firewalls, registry, winsock and things of that nature. 

Repair Tool:








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