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Has anyone had any luck installing bittorrent sync onto Western Digital EX2?  Was hopefully with the new bin available to download that the previous issues were fixed (for me that was the web UI freezing after 30 or so minutes and the whole program to stop working after couple of hours) but so far it seems even worse than before - as soon as I hit configure I am being meet with a "website is unavailable" error message.  Anyone got any solutions for this? 

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Resolved my issue by turning on SSH on the WD Cloud device and issuing the following command line to 'turn on' the Sync gui control panel.


btsync --webui.listen [local.mycloud.IP]:8888

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I figured out a fix for this that actually makes the UI work:

  1. Install the app via the WD web interface as normal.
  2. Enable SSH and connect, then:
  3. cd /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/BitTorrentSync/cat <<EOF >!/bin/shINSTALL_PATH=$1. $INSTALL_PATH/ fixup unaligned accessif [[ "$(uname -m)" = "armv5tel" ]] ; thenecho 2 > /proc/cpu/alignmentfi#start daemondebug_log "Starting $INSTALL_PATH/$PRODUCT_BINARY_PATH"#chown -R admin $INSTALL_PATH#chmod 666 /dev/random#chmod 666 /dev/urandom#sudo -u admin sh -c "umask 000;$INSTALL_PATH/$PRODUCT_BINARY_PATH --config $INSTALL_PATH/$CONFIG_DIR_NAME/sync.conf"$INSTALL_PATH/$PRODUCT_BINARY_PATH --config $INSTALL_PATH/$CONFIG_DIR_NAME/sync.confRESULT=$?debug_log "Start result $RESULT"#cmd on start daemondebug_log "Exiting start"EOFcat <<EOF >!/bin/sh. $1/ daemonpkill -e -F /var/run/ on stop daemondebug_log "Exiting stop"EOF

    This will update the and scripts controlled by the web interface's ON/OFF slider. The acutal changes are pretty small: comment out the chown/chmod, and run btsync as root instead of admin (since the admin user apparently doesn't exist on the most recent WD firmware).

After this, you should be able to toggle the slider OFF/ON in the WD interface and then click the Configure button to connect to the Sync web interface. If you want to update the default config before launching the web UI, edit /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/BitTorrentSync/settings/sync.conf using vi, or paste into it with

cat > /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/BitTorrentSync/settings/sync.conf# (finish with a newline and then Ctrl-D)

I have been trying to figure oute how to use the package builder for the .bin file, which seems to be based on the D-Link ShareCenter SDK so that I can make the process more seamless, but the above works for now.


Hope this helps someone!

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