Bittorent Sync 2.0 And Linux Command Line

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Hi All


I've a couple of workstations running Bittorent Sync 2.0 (Mac, Windows, etc) with web interface. But I've a Linux server running at the moment Bittorent Sync 1.4 with config file (without web interface).


Can I use Bittorent Sync 2.0 with a confg file too ? How can I generate a 2.0 secret key with command line ?


BitTorrent Sync 2.0.93
      btsync [ options ... ]
    --nodaemon                Do not daemonize
    --dump-sample-config      Print a sample configuration file
    --log <file>              Set log file
    --webui.listen <IP>:<port> Set the webui listening interface
    --generate-secret         Generate a read/write key
    --get-ro-secret <r/w key> Get the read-only key associated to a read/write key
    --help                    Print this message
    --config <path>           Use a configuration file


./btsync --generate-secret
-> 1.4 key beginning with A3T7 ...


How can I share a 2.0 folder from my Windows/Mac worskstation to read only mode on my Linux server (with config file) ?


Thanks for your help !

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Drego85> Thanks for your reply. In my opinion, Bittorent Sync is better without Web Interfa ce (in my case). I'm using a Raspberry Pi that is indexing a shared folder stored on a NAS (mounted with NFS protocol). I know this solution is not technically perfect but it worked finewith with BTSync 1.4 (without web interface).

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That question was kind of asked in another thread before.

The answer was, that if you configure your shares inside the config file, you can only share v1.4 folders with keys, not the new v2 folders with certificates.

So you will have to use v1.4 folders for that on every device.


To add a v1.4 folder in btsync 2.0 you have hold down Shift while clicking the add folder button.

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