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I have attempted to resolve .Conflict files using the steps provided in the article below.


Each time I move the file out of the sync dir and then back one the other machine will create the file with .conflict in the file name.


Does anyone know how to fix this since the article describing how to fix this doesn't fix the issue?


Is there a way to disable .Conflict files, I do not need that part of the sync technology. Later timestamp wins no matter what type syncing?

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Once the .conflict occurs I can delete the file and it disappears on both ends. At this point if I create a file using the non .Conflict name on either end the other end will create a .Conflict file on the other computer. Essentially once a .Conflict happens it is permanent, I have to live with a .Conflict at one or the other machine.

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Essentially once a .Conflict happens it is permanent,

No, it's not. Conflicts appear due to different letter case. 

If you add a 'healthy' Filename.ext to the folder, and 1) there is no such file on the other side at all, but 2) the conflict still appears, these are the possible causes:

1) there is actually a filename.ext on the other peer

2) not all conflicts were removed from the folder (before putting the healthy file back to the folder)

3) there are still conflicting symlinks. 


Can you please send debug logs to us. Please indicate what are your devices and what exactly files/folders are creating Conflicts. 

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Filename "Animusic.m4v"


File was removed from dir on the mac

.Conflict File disappeared on windows


No files named "Animusic.m4v" existed on either machine in the directory

"Animusic.m4v" was moved back on the mac, .conflict was created on the windows machine.

No file named "Animusic.m4v" existed on the windows despite BitTourrent Sync creating the conflict file.


After this I played around trying to get it to unconflict and couldn't.

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This still looks like a regular letter case conflict. 


On Mac you had ANIMUSIC.m4v in iTunes Media, and this was conflicting with file on Windows.  Quit Sync, completely delete ANIMUSIC.m4v and Animusic.m4v from folders, Trash, Archive on both. 


Plus there are some records about Text.xts and conflicting TEXT.txt being renamed to Animusic.Conflict.m4v, which may also lead to conflicts appearing. Is it the Animusic.m4v - the previous conflicting Text.txt file? 

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I have a somewhat different problem.
I have five machines running on different platforms. Several of them have an archive of the iPhone Camera Backup, but they keep generating .conflict files even when they're completely equal. (I have tested some of them with unix diff.)
This just happens over time, no interaction whatsoever, except the Iphone Bittorrent Sync app being shut down from the low memory conditions of my Iphone 4. (Which also has made some corrupt databases for me.)
It seems kind of stupid. Could perhaps btsync check if .conflict files are identical to the original and not make a .conflict file if they are?


And,best way to delete these .conflict files is to shut down all btsync programs I have running and remove the files?
Or would it create a corrupted database again?

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Please double cases. IMG/img or JPG/jpg can cause conflicts. 


Sync actually checks that the new file is the same as local, differing only in letter case. Since local file system cannot allow Filename and filename, conflicts are created. The problem is complicated if there are some Linux peers (where Filename and filename are allowed), and when they both come to a Windows or Mac. 

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