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I've using btsync since early versions. All was fine: simple, light app helps me to sync some files between my distributed devices (4 PCs and 2 mobiles). Future seems bright, I recommended btsync ot my friends. 


But developers have another conception.


What we have now in 2.0:

1. Out of sync glitches still here. Peers online, see each other, but dont sync. Absolutely unclear system inside.

2. Android app now broken, cant add new folders because app crashes when choosing folder.

3. New rights management system, that's creating only problems for me. Rights in torrents, really?

4. Sharing only thru, LOL, "new level of privacy".

5. Crappy monster interface, neither for a newbie nor a hacker. Even doesnt fit to 1366 screen.


And now I'm sitting here, observing my folders where some of them "pending approval" or out of sync, countdown timer in window caption, my offline mobiles, thinking about broken dreams and lack of trust, and looking where to migrate. Choose another proprietary software or use something like SFTP sync?




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