Download Rate For Folder For Btsync 1.4


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Is there api for getting download rate for concrete folder for btsync 1.4 ? 
I tryed to get it by api method get_files: (have_pieces - have_pieces_old) / time_elapsed * (total_size/total_pieces). But result differ from rate in btsync gui. (I use pieces,instead of size, because size return same value each time)


Any clues?)



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Thanks for reply!


I tested get_folder_peers function and noticed that download value is same for every peer from result list.

Is it amount of data to be download and always same for all peers?  If yes, I can use download value from first peer. But why,in this case, download value not in  get_folder api function, for example?).
Or I am mistaken and not guarantee that values will be the same. Please, explain purpose of download value from get_folder_peers in this case (if peers have different download values)?


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