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Proposal For 10-Folder Limit

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As so many others here I'm using BTSync from the very beginning, and meanwhile I also have more than 10 folders to manage.


So yes, I'm also not happy with the new limit of 10 folder introduced with version 2.


But maybe I have an idea for a compromise: Apply the 10 folder limit only to v2.0 folders but not to v1.4 folders.


=> This would make the old promise true again (no features from the v1.4 version are lost).




PS: and yes: I already moved some folders away from BTSync to Syncthing. Which works fine in general, but setup of multiple nodes is much more work. I'll keep monitoring both programs for a while, because at the moment it's really hard to decide. Subscription is no option for me. I could imagine other paying options:

  • buying (paying once)
  • only make the mobile apps paid (reasonable price)

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