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I am currently running Android 5 Lollipop with Sync installed.


I am trying to point Sync's default save location to my Music folder on my SD card. However, I keep getting an error stating "Android OS restricts write access to this directory" wherever I try and create a folder or select a folder on my SD card.

I thought this restriction had been removed in Lollipop so apps can write to their own created folders on SD cards?

I can grant write access to other apps, such as file explorer apps which I can copy and move files with to the SD card with no issues.

I really need to be able to sync to my SD card as I have many GBs of music I want to store there. Does anyone have a fix after having similar problems?

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You can create your music folder on the SD card under Andoid/Data/com.bittorent.sync/ 
Sync has write permissions there, but nowhere else on SD card. Yet.
This should be easy to fix by adding the right code for requesting SD write permission on Lollipop.....
Hope this will be fixed soon !!

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