2.0 Is Pre-Beta

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Hi guys,


You really have guts to sell this. It even fails in the most simple scenarios. I just want to keep a single folder synced between a Win 8.1 and a Win 7 machine, both on the same wlan. Bittorrent Sync 2.0 tells me that the two folders are in sync, but they are clearly not. Don't know what is going on there, but I let you do some more testing before I give it another try.




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Totally agree with initial poster. The 2.0 is a giant mess: clumsy interface, impossible to understand and not working as it should be. It's a shame, considering that 1.4 was one of the best app I've ever used (have been using it for months, simple and efficient).


After days of fighting/debugging this mess, I removed all of Sync 2.0 on all my computers, and got back to 1.4.


I was ready to buy the Pro version, but I don't think I will anytime soon. Rather wait for Sync 3.0 and read carefully about it before updating...

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