A Get Started Guide For Btsync [Request]


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I am currently an intern at a software development compnay tasked with created a P2P based client using C#.  I have does some research into this, and stumbled apon BTSync that way. I have just recieved my API key, and have already finished the front of the my client. All I need now is to figure out how to implement the the back-end. Being new to programming on this scale, I am at a bit of a lose as to how this is done, and I haven't found much documentation with step-by-step instructions on how to use this API.


I have tried to use this (https://bitbucket.org/timothyp/arendee-btsynclib/wiki/Home), but I am unable to understand how to use it. It asks for a server for example, but I am unaware of a server address.


Thank you in advance,


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*For some reason my other account can't post*


Complete API documentation may be found here.


First off, thank you so much for the quick reply. I have looked at that documentation, and even asked my coworkers for help. Call us idiots, but we are still unable to figure out how to implement this into a custom client.


If you would be willing to maybe show sample code on how to download a file or something that would be greatly appreciated it. We have tried many things to no avail. If needed I can share the code I have now.


Thanks again!

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I don't have any sample at my hand, but its rather simple. When Sync runs in API mode - it opens a TCP socket on whatever port you configure. Your app should connect to this socket and send HTTP requests there. You can even try to do it without any programming via simple browser - API will respond you.

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