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Iphone Camera Backup Issues

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I'm hoping someone can help me because this issue is driving me nuts.

On Version 1.4 it worked OK, but seems to have changed in 2.0


I have a Netgear NAS to which I want to back up my iPhone camera roll. This backs up OK and I'm fine with this.
I also have a folder that I want to share with my PC, my Macbook and my iPad (called BTShare)


When I try to share just the BTShare folder to my other units, I also get the iPhone camera backup which I do not want.


Basically, I just want the iphone to back up to the NAS with no other unit having access, but every unit to have access to the BTShare folder.


Am I missing something obvious here? I've been trying for the last couple of hours, but cannot get it to work.


I basically have this folder structure on the NAS  

/btsync/BTShare  (shared folder for all units)

/btsync/iPhone camera backups (only for backup from iPhone. No access from other units)


Please help, because I love BTSync.

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