How Do I Change Permissions?


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I'm enjoying Sync 2.0 so far and I'm more than likely going to be purchasing Pro when my trial expires.  One thing I am battling with though is changing permissions.  I do not see the option anywhere.  On my Android phone, I enable Camera Backup.  This creates a share on my desktop, but it is read only.  In the past, I've used a "classic folder" to backup my camera folder on the Android phone, and then set the desktop folder to be R&W so that I can remove photos from the desktop using Lightroom (whilst I'm cataloging) and have them automatically cleaned up on the phone.


How can I change this to R&W on Sync 2.0?

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The Camera Backup is a special folder, which works in the way you described. As far as I know this cannot be changed.

But you can add your Camera/DCIM folder manually, instead of using the special camera backup. Then it will be r/w (more precisely owner).


You currently cannot change permissions when sharing folders between your own devices linked in the same identity. I you share a folder, every device linked to your identity will automatically have owner permissions.

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