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Hello everyone, I'm Mikel and I'm from Spain, but I'll try to explain the issue in english as best as I can.


I've been using Bittorrent sync since the beta release, but I'm having a new issue now. When I start Bittorrent Sync, the PC goes very slow, it seems Sync is taking all the RAM memory. Sometimes my PC freezes when I start Sync, so I have to restart the PC, and If I don't have to restart it, It appears an error, in Spanish is "No hay memoria suficiente", and in english is something like "There is not enough memory".


I'm currently using Bittorrent Sync 1.4 but I tried fixing this problem updating to 2.0, 2.0.1.... but nothing changes.


NOTE: I tried to enabling Debug Logging, but it is impossible for me just because the PC/Program freezes!


My PC works smoothly, and I can see I have enough memory!

I hope you can help me!

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I am having similar issues with BT Sync 2.0.105.  I must use the Web UI because it is my work computer without admin rights.  It will start at around 58 MB and when I come back in the morning it will be over 150 MB and consistently using the CPU (~18-25%).


I too have enabled debug logging and I will look it over tomorrow if it occurs again, which is likely since this seems consistent.  I see connections being re-established every 10 minutes, but not sure if this is by design and would not affect.


Also, after leaving BTSync running for a little bit I counted nearly 12,000 instances of "can't proceed rename for file".  Not sure if this may be part of the issue...


I hope this may bring someone from the team to see this post and either point us to an existing topic or provide some assistance.

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