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[Solved] Newbie Sync Setup Help, Please

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I am trying to set up this software for the first time and I am not sure how to get it to do what I want.


I have two computers. Computers A & B. They each have a folder on their local drive that I want to sync, as a mirror. They each have folder(s) on an external drive that I want to sync, as a mirror.  


On Computer A, when I select a folder (Computer A, C:>users/user_name/music/itunes) it does not sync to where I want it to go on Machine B. It sends Computer A folder to Computer B, C:>users/user_name/bittorrent sync/itunes, when I want it to go to Computer B, C:>users/user_name/music/itunes. Same thing with selected folders on an external drive (Computer A, T:/my music) is sent to the local drive on Computer B, not sending it to Computer B, T:/my music.


How do I set where the send (on computer A) is received (on Computer B? 


Windows 7 on both machines.  Bittorrent Sync downloaded and installed today 4/3/15, not sure where to get the version #.


Thanks so much!

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Hi Stevero,


You can do this by disconnecting the folder (folder options > disconnect) on computer B, then use the "Connect" command and select the desired folder.


You can avoid having Sync make this automatic decision in the future by setting the My Devices sync level to "Disconnected". Go to App Options (the settings sprocket) > My Devices > [your device name] (this device), then change the setting from "Synced" or "Connected" to "Disconnected".


Does that help?

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