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Does btsync automatically choose between syncing over a local network vs syncing over the internet?


I have a laptop that, when on my lan, I want it to sync locally only (to conserve bandwidth), but of course it would have to sync over the internet when I'm outside of the house


Will the btsync clients automatically switch over to local syncing when it detects that I'm at home and on my own network?


I know theres an option to only sync locally, but wondering if this process it automated if you leave both local and public options on


Secondly, is there a way for me to check/confirm whether a current sync job is happening over the local network as opposed to over the internet?


Bandwidth conservation is extremely important because I'm thinking of switching over to owncloud on my NAS (to replace dropbox), but using btsync to do the actual file syncing. I would hate to have to sync that much stuff over the internet all the time and suck up so much bandwidth

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BTSync will automatically connect locally, if it finds the other node in local network. Afaik it always tries local at first (if enabled) and after that it uses tracker/DHT (if enabled).


I think the only way to see if the transfer is local, is by speed. As local transfer will be much faster than over internet.

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thats good to know. 


also, wondering how sharing gets distributed: if I have 3 machines, 1 NAS, 1 desktop and 1 laptop. and the NAS shares a folder to both the desktop and the laptop. Once everything has been synced, does the NAS have to be online in order for that share to remain active? Or can the NAS go offline, and the folder will just sync between the desktop and laptop?

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