[Now Implemented!] Add Selective Sync Support On All Platforms


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Seeing this feature implemented would cause me to purchase Pro for my business.  I'd really like to use BT Sync to propagate project directories locally from our storage server.  Unfortunately, we are a mixed environment, so Selective Sync on Linux (and older OS X) is an essential feature for us.


I understand the challenges of integrating with the various Linux GUIs (Unity, Gnome, KDE, etc.)  Even picking one (Unity for Ubuntu / Mint support?) would be useful, but not essential.

Many of the other non-GUI specific suggestions on this thread could work without requiring full GUI integration.  Surely the file browser code from the Android app could be repurposed to permit Selective Sync via the WebUI?  And, this could potentially have the added benefit of porting to the other OSes?  Failing that, a whitelist or command line option, while less elegant, would at least put the functinality in place.


Or ... ask the community for help?  You are already crowdsourcing localization?  Surely UI plugins are simple enough that they could be designed as open source plugins that utilize the API?

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