So Far 2.0 Has Cost Me $20

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I've been running 1.4 for a while, 2.0 had come out but it kept saying it was up to date.  I manualy updated it on my desktop and laptop, seemed to work ok so I updated my tablet and connected to the net to update my files; there was less than 1 GB of changes that needed to update so I left it.  I then get a text saying I'm at 95% of my data, thats over 5GB!  I disconnect the tablet and look at the logs and it's downloading every folder that's synced between the desktop and laptop instead of the one folder that I had on the tablet.  Also it's syncing the .!sync files that the tablet makes back to the desktop for some reason.  So I left everything paused only to come home today to another text saying I've used $20 in data.  Since the tablet was disconnected the only other device that uses the same data is the phone and 1.4 was running, I sure hope it wasn't syncing all the folders to the phone; cause that would be very expensive.  I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when I find out the total cost of using this software.



Looks like it's syncing everything twice, I have the main folder synced between the laptop and desktop, and specific sub-folders synced to each device.  Now all the sub-folders are syncing to *User\BitTorrent Sync\   duplicating them on each device!

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