Sync Folder On External Sd Card (Android) Suddenly Has Permissions Problem

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I have been happily using Bittorrent sync to share a folder from a Windows 7 laptop to my Android phone (Galaxy S4) in read-only mode (i.e. changes can only be propagated from the laptop to the phone, not the other way around), and everything has been working just fine. Then, earlier today, I suddenly started getting the "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder" error on the phone. When I disconnect the folder and then reconnect it, Bittorrent Sync tries to place it in a subfolder of the Bittorrent directory, and if I try to force it to go to the external SD card, where it's always been, I get the message "No access: Don't have permissions to write to selected folder. On external SD card it is allowed to write to app designated folders only. I thought I had already taken care of this type of problem right from the start, when I rooted this phone and then used the NextApp SD application to remove the external SD card use restriction, and it HAS worked just fine with BitTorrent Sync all along... until today...  :(


Anyone has any idea what's going on and how I can go back to using the same folder on my external SD card as before?



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