Backup Ios Photos To Specific Osx Folder

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I've been using Sync for a while now to backup my photos from my Android phone to an external drive. I just got a new iPhone and I want to use the same system as I have before. When I try to set it up, Sync automatically chooses a folder to back up to, which I don't want.


I have tried just copying the key, and then trying to make a "manual connection" but that doesn't let me choose the folder either. 


How can I specify which folder I want my photos to be in?


P.S. Can't really say that I'm enjoying 2.0 very much. Wtf happened?

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You let sync finish backing up your files in the default Folder that BitTorrent Sync creates after linking it with your phone and then you can just move that folder somewhere else. BitTorrent Sync will follow that and nothing breaks sync wise.

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