"synced With..." Chaining?


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as I haven't found an answer to this question I'll just try it here.

My assumption is that the "Sync with..." status of peers is chaining such that peers appear as synced (and online) even though this information is only available through one of the peers.


Can somebody confirm that?


Let me explain my setup.

I am using BitTorrent Sync without tracker and relay server.

Those are disabled for every folder on every machine and instead predefined hosts are used to talk to the other peers.

I am using two 24/7 linux servers behind a NAT-router without upnp where only one of the servers has the BitTorrent Sync port forwarded through the router firewall.

Currently me and my MacBook are in a totally different city. I resolve the mentioned NAT router through DynDns and only added the forwarded port to the predefined host list of the MacBook client.

Interestingly I can see relays synced (and online) even though my MacBook should only be able to talk with 1.


I'd love to see this chaining feature confirmed.

Or is there something I am missing?


-- ankoh

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