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Hi guys,


I have 2 clients with version 1.4.111, one client has write access on a folder (Windows) and the other one read-only (Linux Raspberry Pi). There was a problem with one file because of incorrect timestamp, but then I deleted the file from the Windows client. I still get the following errors even if this file does NOT exist on any node, it was deleted some days ago.


Log from the read-only Linux client:

[20150414 11:18:44.824] Incoming connection from
[20150414 11:18:47.089] MC[DF37] [FDB8]: failed to verify signature of remote file IMGP111.JPG, aborting
[20150414 11:18:54.543] Incoming connection from
[20150414 11:18:55.205] MC[DF37] [b784]: failed to verify group signature of files message, aborting

Does the relay host store any files???


I uninstalled the Linux client, deleted the databases and installed again but nothing changed. I would like to avoid generating a new key because there are more clients connected which are currently offline and the change is not gonna be easy.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have a similar error, in my case on a Beaglebone black, also read only:


[20150428 19:35:55.410] ACL[9803]: VerifyFileSignature: failed to verify ed25519 signature, user: [...]
[20150428 19:35:55.411] MC[9803] [E422]: failed to verify signature of remote file programs/spiele/Age Of Empires II addon/Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors Expansion/GAME/CAMPAIGN/MEDIA/INTRO.BLN



I renamed the directory of the file (like 15 mins ago), however the error message still spits out the old directory. I'll check later if it eventually updated.

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