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Sync All "off" Features: Cancel, Foldertree, Sizes

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Just a few things that could be very useful when working on a folder (tree) syncing with Sync All "off" option:


In the folder:

  • Somehow being able to see how large the files are on other peers 
    It sure would be great to know the impact of a "sync to this device"
  • Add an action on context menu to sync the complete tree. Maybe on a folder. Like "Sync all files to this device".
  • Allow to cancel the requested files. Now you can only pause. It seems you have to wait for the sync to complete before its possible to remove from this device.





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+1 for this suggestion. The more metadata the placeholder files can keep with them, including sizes, the merrier :-)
Suggestion no. 2 seems to already be implemented?

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