[Bug] Missing Templates.js In Arm

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I'm also having this issue, just set up 2.0.105 headless on a pi to use as an 'always on' seeder, getting a 404 on templates.js on multiple devices, everything else loads just fine - but nothing displays on the webui.


edit - Also using ARM

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do you mean that you see 404 error on browser console for template.js? This is not what is causing the problem with UI. This is just an old link to template.js remaining in the code that leads to no-longer-used template.js . A new way to compile templates is used now, but the link to old one is not yet removed. 


So any details on how, from where you launch Sync,  how you are accessing webui, what exactly problem you face - how exactly ui looks like would be much appreciated. 


@nto try deleting settings.dat and settings.dat.old from storage


@pabloxtiyo yes, you may run sync with --nodaemon argument, or disable webui in config

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I'm running it on a Drobo FS. No errors in the log or anything. Just no WebUI. Everything loads fine except for template.js which is a 404. Using Chrome.


As @Helen has indicated above, a missing "template.js" file will not be the cause of this issue.


Are you running any extensions (i.e. AdBlock, etc) on Chrome which may be interfering with Sync's WebUI?

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