Setup Sync On 2 Folders That Already Match

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Hi there

I want a fairly simple set up, just FolderA on machine1 synced to FolderA on machine2.

The thing is, these two folders already have matching content.

How to I install & set up without sync trying to re-create / overwrite all the existing data? That seemed to happen when I linked up the second machine so I've stopped & uninstalled for now - would love some advice before I re-attempt. There are 900-odd GB in each folder, and really don't want to wait for it to "re-sync!"


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I'm in the same boat - been wrestling with this for hours today.


I've been experimenting with ways to "trick" Bittorrent Sync into thinking that it's already updated - like, starting with a blank folder, moving the files over and then hoping it re-indexes. Haven't had any luck thus far - my experience has been the same as you describe.


I have a similar amount of data (hundreds of GB), so it doesn't make sense to let it delete & re-transfer.


Any tips?

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I have a shared folder on two machines that was previously synced via Sync (1.4, perhaps?). I upgraded to 2 and now nothing works. Each computer seems to recognize that files need to be synchronized but nothing proceeds.


This is a huge disappointment. This was really an awesome app/service and I'd likely even pay for Pro but if I can't get Sync to work then I'll have to find an alternative. 


Speaking of which - what other products will do what Sync used to do?


Here's one link of alternatives:

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