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.bts (Bittorrent Sync) File - Orphan File?

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I've got 'orphan' .bts files on my Android mobile devices after file upload.


I uploaded a local file from my android tablet which uploaded perfectly and propagated across my devices, however I noticed a residual file called [filename].[file extension].bts, which remained on my tablet long after the successful completion of the file upload.


I can't seem to delete or hide. I understand this some form of placeholder file to give the appearance of completion prior to upload concluding


How do I remove or prevent this duplication from appearing? Is it something do to with how mobile devices show hidden or temp files?


Cheers, Geoff.


BTW, lovin' the platform.




I have assigned ownership to android tablet

Tablet version V

'Server' version 2.0.93 (Raspberry Pi running Raspian)

.bts files don't seem to be on 'Server'.

.bts also seems to show on iOS device from file uploaded from Android...mmm....but not in shared folder on Raspian...


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It's not only on mobile devices. I sync from my RPi to multiple desktops to keep them in sync and mobile devices, sometimes I see .bts files and I see the name and the original file! So ... It's like a left over file from something else? I'm not sure. But seeing that I had the original file and was able to open it with no problem, I just deleted the bts file. 

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I quote from your link


if you select the checkbox, those files which have already been synced in full, will be deleted. If you'd like to revert to BTS files, leave the checkbox clear and just hit OK. 



This was NOT my case. I had already synced everything, and it had been finished for days. I later went through a folder and found an image, for example: image.jpg. Right next to it was image.jpg.bts


I thought it was strange. I opened image.jpg and it was perfect. So why was there a .bts? I deleted it with no ill effect on that file as it had already been downloaded. I understand it should have disappeared after having been downloaded; but alas, it hadn't. So I just deleted it myself seeing I had both: The original file (in perfect working order) and a .bts file. 

thanks, how did you delete the .bts file? I can't see on the RPi nor can I delete from my (Android) Tablet. Cheers, Geoff.


Go to your desktop and delete. It should disappear. I had the same setup as you: RPi as main server. It synced the .bts files but for some reason I had it duplicated: image.jpg and image.jpg.bts. I checked the .jpg on my desktop, and it worked fine, so I just deleted the .bts. 

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