Upgrade From V1.4 To V2.0 On Debian Server

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Currently have a running system between two computers (two Ubuntu servers) running v1.4. I have resisted upgrading to v2.0 until I added my third computer (Debian server) to the mix. That third computer is now functional. I intend to add the third computer with v1.4. After I am sure everything is functioning properly (and the third computer bittorrent directory is populated) then I would upgrade all machines to v2.0. (All computers are non-gui cammand line servers.)


Does this computer addition/upgrade sequence seem illogical? Am I overlooking anything?

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I would say the major caveat is that a clean install may give better results than an upgrade, therefore, if you plan to use version 2 at some point, you might be better off starting with version 2 on the third machine and clean installing version 2 on the others.

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