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Btsync Loses Some Peers After A Few Days!

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Hi Team,

I have a strange anomaly with BtSync 2. The problem arose from version x.104!

I have two QNAP NAS and one CentOS server, the two NAS share the same folders while the server only two.

After a few days of the starting the two NAS BtSync lose synchronization bringing me back "0 of 0 peers" for some folders. Just that I reboot the BtSync process in one of two NAS and everything goes back to work.

The strange thing is that some folders are synchronized, some not. And if I go to Menu> "My Devices ..." I'm not seeing the other devices. But the folders still active synchronizes properly.

I am attaching some screenshots!








I restarted the process, only in one NAS, and synchronization is active in ALL folders.



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Not sure if this is helpful, but I was able to debug some problems by turning on debug logging (it's in the advanced preferences), and then monitoring the debug.log file in (IIRC) the configured 'storage_path' directory.

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