New Bt Sync Folderol V2.0

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I am confused as to the purpose of the newly created BT Sync folder w v 2.0. In BTS 1.4 you simply designated folders to sync on each machine and it did just that. PERFECT! With the 2.0 upgrade this new folder is created and it looks like files are placed there (duplicated?). I've read that 2.0 can be configured to work is 1.4 by designating a folder as "disconnected." That terminology makes no sense to me. I want the folder to be synced (assuming this requires "connection"). I'm clearly having a problem with terminology. What are the advantages to all these changes?

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There are three states a 2.0 folder can be in:


  • Disconnected: the folder is not synced.
  • Connected with sync all: the folder is synced completely.
  • Connected without sync all: the folder's directory structure is synced and populated by placeholders (ending with .bts). Double clicking a placeholder will sync the file and open it. It's also possible to e.g. in the Mac Finder or Windows explorer select multiple placeholders or a directory and sync it. This state is comparable to 'selective sync' in some other products.

A connected folder with sync all resembles 1.4 the most. Also not that you can still create 1.4-style shares by holding the Shift key while pressing the 'Add folder' button.

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