Older Osx Unsupported?

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This is bananas! I love sync, but I don't want to upgrade my *very stable* machine to the latest Apple boatware. The reviews of Yosemite are majority 1/5 for a reason.


Can the developers please at least let us use a backport with no support / at our own risk? A 3rd party client? My OSX is still supported by Apple; it's not like I'm running Windows 95!


It's crazy that I have to break all the installs on my computer and make it slow just to "keep up" with sync. Now I have to look into other options, which is super sad, because it used to just work.


Also, v1.4.111 is always complaining to me about upgrading, too, so that's no fun. Even when I tell it not to keep checking, it always does.




-A drifting customer

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I believe you got the response from our support - I'll duplicate here for other users.


Unfortunately, Sync 2.0 is no longer supported for OS X 10.6 and older due to new features and security used in 2.0. OS X 10.6 has very small amount of users and Sync Team decided to concentrate on more popular versions of OS X.


I apologize for inconvenience.

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Yeah I'm definitely a whiny customer, which is totally ridiculous given its a free service. Suppose it's just tough to see an elegantly solved (important) problem suddenly return to unsolved. 


For the few that might be in my situation, a temporary solution (i.e. will work as long as the 2.0 clients are backwards-compatible with 1.4 shares) is to have the 1.4 mac create the share, and install 2.0 on everything else.


For some reason downgrading to the "latest" 1.4.111 on windows / osx + 1.4.65 android team stalls out whenever I try to get them to sync (used to work with previous versions), so I lost about 4 hours trying different things & clean installs to get it to work. The above solution fixed it finally. 


Thanks for the replies,


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