Can The Avrage Consumer Product Connect To Btsync?


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I apologize about the missleading title, I forgot to change it and I am not sure how to do so now.


I have created a c# app using the BTSync API, but I am unable to figure out how to implament this last feature.


I have my main app that let's users share files with one another, but what happens if one of the users wants to share a file with someone that's not using app?

I would also need a way to only share it with them for a cirtain amount of time. Is such a thing even possible?


Sadly I am limited to only one post a day, but I would apprecaite any help I can get. Sorry if it takes me a day to get back to you.

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Sorry about limitation - we are dealing with massive spam bot attack to the forum. I fixed your account so you can post with no limitations.


For your API question - Sync core does allow you to share the file if there is no client on other side.

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