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Physically Relocated Server Resyncing

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After searching through the forums, I can’t seem to find a similar situation.


I have 2 servers: Server A running Linux (Ubuntu 14) with BTSync 2.0.85; Server B is a Synology NAS with BTSync 2.0.93. Both servers were in the same building when I rsynced the needed directories and setup BTSync. Through BTSync’s web admin, both servers shows that all the directories were synced. If I created a new directory on one, the new directory would show up on the other, and vice versa. BTSync is performing as expected.


A few days later, Server B (Synology NAS) was physically moved to a different state, while Server A remains at the original location. Once Server B booted up, all the directories were showing as synced...except for one...the largest one with around 6TB of data, the “Archive”. Currently, Server B is sending data to Server A...approximate completion time is 2 months. The text “Indexing” is also appended in the ‘Status’ column on both Server A and Server B for “Archive”. Checking the synced files shows that they have the same attributes (file size, creation/modification date, etc.).


Both servers are on the same network. So I’m at a complete loss as to why the “Archive” directory is having to resync everything.


Can anyone shed some light? I’m happy to provide further details.

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