Upgrade From 1.4 To 2.0 (2.105 Mac) Broken..ready To Give Up

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I had everything working to sync to volumes over the internet (many sub-directory) under version 1.4.   Then one link broke so I upgraded to newer version 2.0.  Well the Upgrade process was a disaster.  Terms different, setup entirely different, all very confusing.  Now three upgrades later still not functioning.     Now, using most recent version of BtSync for Mac:  2.105 released mid April,


End result at present:  everything broken no sync connections no registered peers.  Deleted all program files on OS X (10.10.3) at both ends.   Reinstalled Host end and setup 2 shared folders.   Then tried every way from sunday to get the Read Only sync to the offsite OS X Mac (10.10.3) at the other end.  No dice.   installed and removed all Application Data files, and licenses.  Started again.    Now stuck at the setup on the Remote end.


At remote:  After clicking on email link to establish the peer connection App pauses then says cannot find folder at destination folder.  I have checked permissions and insured active user has full permissions on the destination folders (and tree).    No approval is required at the Host end…..HOst says it sees one of 2 peers, but remote sees nothing.   Still no dice.  I restarted both Macs several times, and removed the license file on both to eliminate other possible issues after examining other posts in user forums.


About ready to punt, and certainly not ready to pay anything for the Pro license.   May just stick with Dropbox because "it works."    Ultimately if it works in version 2.0 i Would really like to have my Drobo-FS NAS run the Host sync piece once I get it running.   Any ideas or suggestions?


Is the 2.0 version designed to be crippled to "no function" unless you pay for the license?   To top it off many Tech sites are mentioning a huge staff layoff at BitTorrent.   Not sure I am feeling confident about this setup right now.  Help>>>???



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