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Keys In 2.0

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I haven't really had to check my sync system recently (which is probably a complement) so I've been updating blindly. 


I go to make a new sync today and wheres my option to just copy a key?


Call me cynical but I just feel BitTorrent is intentionally obscurificating the way the system works to push people towards their web system and sync-key syncing accounts. But in doing so you're actually ruining why I liked your software in the first place. I'll be investigating other options this week.


Not to mention your UI gets worse every version, why you felt the need to replace the Mac cocoa pane with some crummy web view is beyond me.

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Crash: What OS are you running BitTorrent Sync on?


The 32 bit secret system has been replaced by more secure way of sharing a share and having the conrol of how often you can use that link or who is trying to add a share and deny or allow that action.


You can find out more in the help section of BitTorrent Sync:


This article not also explains what the difference is but also how you can add a share with the legacy secret system:

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