Sync 2.x Command-Line Interface?

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Are you going to provide a command-line interface for BTSync 2.0?

Or an API compatible with 2.0 folders? Or at least a way to deal with 2.0 folders with config file?


I love BitTorrent Sync. But I used to deploy peers using Docker containers, it was super easy. Now I can't sync the new folders (2.0) without going through the web GUI... In some use cases, it's not even an option.


Right now it seems like I have to keep working with 1.4 folders... :(






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Sync 2.0 has CLI, though its rather limited and won't allow you adding folders or alike. I'd advise using API for that - and yes, at the moment API only supports 1.4 functionality, so you can only operate 1.4 folders. We would like to extend API functionality to cover 2.0 features as well, though I can't share any precise plans or ETAs at the moment - sorry.

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