Sync's "default Folder" Causes Double Sync

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Hi all,


So I just connected SYNC running on my NAS (a QNAP) to SYNC that is already running on my Desktop PC (WIN7). When installing, I went thru the regular setup, and all my folders showed up. However, SYNC asked me for the location of a "Default folder." I figured, ok... I'll put the root of my main SYNC folder, where I have all my subdirectories synced.


A couple of hours later, I check in - and it's still syncing - and there are duplicated directories.


So, I believe I now have:

   - my laptop syncing to the main directory on my Desktop and NAS

   - my Desktop syncing to this "Default directory" on my NAS

   - my NAS syncing to... i don't know where...


Why has the behavior changed? I just upgraded, that's all -0 I want to sync folder A to folder A to folder A - I don't need a repository. I want MY DOCUMENTS on all 3 computers


Could someone *please point me in a direction to get this clarified?


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