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Where do you have it installed - internal memory or SD card? Did you move it from here to there? 

Try reinstalling, if you haven't yet. 


If it still crashes, you will need Files app to collect dumps. go to Documents-> debug and see if there are BitTorrent Sync dumps. Send the latest to us - we'll send invitation link to upload it. 

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The BTSync on my 1520 running the W10TP was able to connect and establish a paired folder as a "backup" for my phone's photos.


However, something happened and the folder stopped syncing.  Then the BTSync agent on my phone sent a command to my main PC to remove/delete all my files -- I immediately uninstalled the app from my phone.


I have not added Sync back onto my phone since.  I will not add it back until I can understand what happened and why.


Count yourself lucky that yours isn't "working."

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we told that the logs were not debug, and thus contained little information. but in the ticket additional debug files were asked and additional information was requested to continue the investigation, we didn't say we give up. Please, let's proceed in ticket (23822).

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Well the ball is in your court since I uploaded those logs weeks ago.


I am now in the process of making regular backups to the appdata directory.  It seems this is the only method I have found that MAY allow for restoration of a botched system update or system failure (they are stored on OneDrive for safekeeping)


I am pretty sure that I deleted the corrupt/old appdata directory a few weeks back so that I wouldn't mistakenly mix them up with my more recent good ones.

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I reinstalled Bittorrent Sync on the phone and it works. Now there is a new problem.

When I scan the QR Code I recieve "The QR code or key is invalid. Please us a valid QR code or key to link your devices.

I have tried three other machines and I get the same error.

I am not currently subscribed to the pro version. The tray icon shows I am running 2.0.105 but when I open Bittorrent Sync it shows 1.4.

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jfreiman, we have replied in Zendesk to you. 




Which exactly QR code are you scanning and with what scanner?


I suppose you are doing either of the following:

on PC click on folder - > Share and get QR code, and then on the phone pick "Link to other devices" and scan that QR code? In this case you are trying to link phone's identity to PC's folder. 

Or: on phone you click "add folder" and on PC -> My devices -> Link device and scan that QR code? In this case you are trying to link phone's folder to PC's identity.


These cannot be done. Identity should be linked to identity, and folder - to folder. Otherwise you'll be getting that "invalid QR code" warning. It's similar to the issue described in this article


Also, can you please share the screenshot showing that tray icon and Sync showing different versions? Do you have one Sync instance running? Please check it in Task manager. 

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