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I've been attempting to sync around 532GB over a Gigabit LAN for about a week and it still shows 1%.


The "days left" seems to fluctuate between 2 and 4 days (always, for days now). With the number of days trending downward. One would think this would obligate the percent progress to increase, even if only to 2%


Transfer rate hovers around 1.2 MB/s.


Windows 7 on both PCs. Sync version 2.0.105 on both. They're being synced as 1.4 style folders.


Is the progress status in Sync 2.0 reasonably accurate?


Why is it taking so long? 1.2 MB/s (if that is accurate) seems very low for small GBit LAN with short CAT 6 cable and two machines essentially dedicated to the sync (neither machine is my main workstation).


I thought this thing was built on BitTorrent. :)


Also, is there a way to see which files are in progress?


And what's the deal with "History"? It seems to be days behind. Why isn't that a real-time display of what is transferring. At the slow speed it's going, it seems to have plenty of overhead for such things.


Good golly this software is maddening.


Any thoughts appreciated.





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Over a week and It never moved past 1% and never finished.


I've had to switch to a different sync solution (out of respect, I won't name it here). The sync of 532GB (the differences) took 14 minutes. Done.


So there was nothing wrong with my LAN.

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