"sync To This Device" Disappearing

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Sometimes the contextual menu sync options disappear. In this case, I'm syncing the system standard "movies" folder from my mac from other devices, but I have it set on partial sync on the mac. From this folder in particular, the sync options disappear, while they appear for other partial syncs that I also have.


How do I get them back for the movies folder?





Another share:


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shall be fixed in 2.0.120. Do you use it? 



available only on Yosemite. 



I have the exact same problem. I'm running ver 2.0.128

With my 1.4 folder this works just perfect, but with my 2.0 folder contextual options are missing.

Plz help


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Hi Helen,

thanks for your reply. it didn't work out but at least I knew that it should work, theoretically.

In the end I just uninstalled btsync, deleted the folder in Appdata/Roaming, deleted the folder in Program Files(68), killed and restarted the exporer (which I had to do anyway to be able to delete the dll files) and then finally reinstalled btsync.

And: now it works. This is a relieve since partial syncing doesn't really do the trick if one can't select individual files.

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Thank you for the update. 


And do not forget that you can download files by double clicking on them (Instead of "Sync to this device"), and "remove from this device" by "Delete" menu , as a workaround while debugging with support team. We realize it's not very convenient though, but at least you're not deprived of functionality 

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