[Solved] How To Start Syncing A Folder With V2.0 Free Version ?


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Hi !

When I upgraded to V2.0 version I accepted a free trial of Pro version, but I did not buy it when the trial ended.

I own to devices (1 desktop and on laptop) which are both linked to my new identity (I can see them on both devices).


BTSync Help Center says : "When you’ve linked your devices to one identity, each and every folder added to Sync on one device will automatically be available on all the other devices. Just add a folder on the laptop - and shortly it’ll appear on the desktop and your mobile phone/tablet. You don’t have to take any action other than just adding a folder to Sync on one of the devices, in other words, no sending links or scanning QR codes is required."


However, when I add folders in BTSync on one device it never appears nor synchronize on the other device. 

I suspect this is because I use the free version. Is that true ? In that case, how to start syncing a folder ?


Thank you for your help.

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it's because of Free version. 


Sync Help Center also says: Note that you can link your devices in both Free and Pro version of Sync. However, automatic synchronization will only be activated if you upgrade to Pro.

in article about identity. 
So in Free version only manual sharing (via copying/emailing the link or QR code) is possible. 
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