Syncing 2 Existing Folders Doesn't Work (Btsync 2.0)

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I have 2 identical folders on my 2 PC (both Windows 7 ). In fact these 2 folders werre synced with BTSync 1.4.

When I try to sync these 2 folders with BTSync 2.0 I get a warning message "target folder is not empty and files could be overwritten. Add still ?", which is fine. However, when I click OK the same message comes again, and again...


So it's impossible to sync 2 existing files with BTSyc 2.0 (free version).

Am I doing something wrong ?


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Same Issue: I have two folder whith the same content in two different windows 7 pc.

When I try to sync (2.0.120 free version) the warning message "target folfer is not empty..." is prompted again and again when I click on OK.

Is not possible to sync the two folders.

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Hello !

I got the answer from BT support (thank you Emmet !).

Here is the method for BTSync 2 Pro.


1/ link your 2 PCs in disconnected mode (this is the trick !)

2/ add the folder in the first PC

3/ after a while the folder will appear on the second PC, but as disconnected (doted lines)

4/ connect the folder on the second PC by clicking on the "Connect" button (it appears when your mouse hovers over the folder)

5/ change the save location with the path of the existing folder. Be carefull : you will likely have to delete the end of the path, which is filled automatically

6/ click on the "Connect" button; a warning message will appear : " Destination folder is  not empty. Add anyway?"

7/ click OK

8/ Done :)




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