How To Make 1.4 Stop Asking For 2.0 Upgrade?


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How can I make 1.4 stop asking for a 2.0 upgrade every time I boot up my system?


Have you gone into Options - Preferences - Advanced and unchecked the option that says "Always check for updates to this version"? I have that unchecked and haven't been nagged in weeks.


This being said, if you do have it unchecked and it still is nagging you, then it might have already downloaded the update to your temp directory. Assuming Windows, you would need to then delete it from your temp directory. But I'm not sure if the program works this way. 

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Can you just confirm that you're saying that this issue doesn't affect all 1.4 users? 


If that's that case I'll check out the suggestions regarding the problem where preferences aren't saved, but I'm having difficulty reconciling your claim that you can only reproduce this issue 'rarely' with my experience.  It's just that I've seen it on every device I've seen running 1.4 - I have 12+ machines from netbooks to desktops running Windows 7, 8 and 10 in 32 and 64 bit versions and have never seen an instance where it's not present.  I'd just assumed it was a deliberate move on BT's part (albeit a rather clumsy and ill-advised one) to 'encourage' users to subscribe. 

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