Confused--Are My Android Files Backing Up Or Syncing?

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i thought i had it set up initially to be one-directional: any files deleted on my android device would NOT be deleted from my sync directory.


i've just been trusting it for a while. now i can't seem to confirm this, and the interface is different than i remember. i definitely don't want additional files in the backup added to my device ever, or any files in the backup ever deleted.


any way i can confirm this is still correct?

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Backup never deletes your files. So, if some files are deleted on your Android device, they won't be deleted on peers that store it as backup. Although, if your Android device adds files - they will be added.

If your PC adds some files to device - they won't propagate to Android and any other devices, though will stay in backup folder (Sync won't touch them).

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