Clarification On Archive File Naming

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When files are changed and archived, .sync/Archive/path/ has multiple versions of the file named: file.n.ext and it appears that the highest "n" is the most recent file.


Consider this scenario where the default retention period of 30 days is in effect and the same file (test.txt) is edited on a weekly basis:




2015-06-12 test.4.txt

2015-06-05 test.3.txt

2015-05-29 test.2.txt

2015-05-22 test.1.txt

2015-05-15 test.txt



by the time 2015-06-19 rolls around, the 2015-05-15 test.txt will be deleted. What will the name of the new archived file? test.txt? or test.5.txt?


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It would be test.txt. The best way to find the last one file there would be take its modification time.




Yeah... sadly in the situation I'm in, all the files from one peer were deleted which propogated... I rsynced the files back (including all the .n archives cause... hard to separate them out) and neglected to use -a so all the modification times got updated. :(  So no help there.  Thanks for the info though.

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Thanks for the feedback. We definitely want to improve Archive functionality in future.


Specifically here, I think it would be a lot more functional if rather than renaming the files the way you do now, is always have the most recent version keep the same file name and then rename the versions such that the highest number is always the oldest. I know that means renaming more files on a regular basis, but it would become much easier to, say, write a script to deal with problems like mine.

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