Reindexing After Moving Folder Slow

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I'm running BTSync 2.0.105 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and successfully synced 1,8TB and more than 160.000 files from a Drobo 5N to this machine via a read only share. I did the initial sync via LAN, which took about a week. The two devices are now connected via the internet. 


I recently had to exchange the hard drive of the Pi. I used RSync to copy the data from the old drive and readded the same share using the path to the new hard drive. Unfortunately the reindexing seems to be quite slow. I roughly estimated it will take about a week to reindex and wonder if this is normal, even if there is no actual file transfer?


I wish there was a feature to move folders of shares within BTSync.



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Hi, I had the same issue. I used a trick. I readded the folder from raspberry (the indexing is faster), then I change the share on others folders (share read/write). You have 30 days to change the permissions with free version on others devices and raspberry (for example I use read only on raspberry).

But, exist a solution for this issue?

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