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Help please - I have used Bittorrent sync on desktop and laptop without any difficulty, however  with a new seagate personal cloud, which comes with BT  sync app v 1.4  I  find that  cannot set up a sync or a share,  following all the usual steps  to sync folders, I end  up with a peer  requiring approval, however  there just doesnt seem to be a way on the seagate p cloud  to approve,  I can share a link, enter a key, but in the end I still come up with peer  requires approval.

any help for a newbie  who has had no problems using the client on desktop before  but now  frustrated with seagate personal  cloud  would be appreciated!


ps I can't upgrade the app on the personal cloud to the latest version as seagate doesn't allow it

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I have the same problem, version 1.4 bittorrent sync is installed on seagate personal cloud I AM able to share folders but whether I share a folder on the seagate personal cloud or whether I insert a manual connection by copying the share URL from a another device (with or without requiring approval) I never get an approval request and the shared folder never starts to sync :-/


Here it says (May 6th 2015) that seagate builds are coming soon:


I read here (15th Jun 2015) that version 1.4 is offered and that a resolution to the 2.0 update problem is expected in the near future:



I can live with not being able to update, but I bought my seagate personal cloud so that I could sync folders ....


This is currently not possible ....


Can anybody help in this regard?

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