Howto Upgrade Btsync On Synology From 2.0.150 To Latest (2.0.120)

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Hi all,


I installed btsync on my synology DS712+ and syncen succesfully folders with some other devices.

One other synology NAS device has same troubles syncing so I want to upgrade all to the latest version 2.0.120. I couldn;t find an upgrade option from the Bittorrent sync UI, is that correct?

Anybody any idea how to manually upgrade to the latest version on a synology without losing all preferences etc?


Best regards


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I just tried this with my DS412+ (which uses cedarview (x64)) but my installation keeps on failing.


I'm worried that if I delete it and do a clean install, that I'm stuck with yet another device in my list (since one can remove old ones from the device itself – I already have one corpse from my server installation).

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