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We use Bit Torrent Sync to synchronise photos from our photo booths (for editing) which on the whole works great. One thing however is that we use 4G / LTE mifi dongles to do this, and because we have several nodes online that see a nice fast internet, they all seem to flock to the 4G / LTE device because of its high up bandwidth capability. The problem is however that these dongles have limited data allowances and in practice what ends up happening is that we end up uploading our photos 2, 3 or even 4 times since each node seems to see this one as the master and pulls the data from it, rather than another available node.

I'd like to propose that there be a toggle / option which only allows a single (fastest) node to connect to the device. Once everything is uploaded, the other nodes can function normally getting the updates from each other - but not the single node locked device.

This would mean that anyone using mobile data can flip the switch and safe guard against excessive data charges.

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