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Dear community,

Sync 2.0.124 is available through the official download site.

Direct Download Links:

Please see the list of changes in the change log on the Help Center.
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Hi RomanZ, i'm quiet happy with the last release of BTSync on Windows, but as i'm trying to sync music from the PC to an android

device, i encounter some difficulties : no music is visible from the media player (it were alright before the folder was synced)


I have read some topics about some limitations of android kitkat, is there any workaround for this ? Anyone else facing that

behaviour ?


Thank you, hopping that i wrote in an appropriate thread ...



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There is an advanced setting "Autoupdate Gallery" on your Android. I wonder, if it is checked? If it is, Sync is going to send notification to Gallery every time it gets some media file synced, so it will appear in Gallery.


If it is checked, another possible reasons are:

1) file .nomedia in sync folder. It prevents Gallery from indexing files.

2) some rare extension of your media files. Is it mp3 or something else?

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Thanks for your answer. I cant find anywhere the autoupdate settings, but i guess it is enabled, as my music folder (mp3 files) was perfectly seen by the media player before syncing it.

I also checked for a ".nomedia" file, there wasn't any in ithis folder.


As soon as i copy a mp3 file outside the "android/data/..." folder it is ok

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As soon as i copy a mp3 file outside the "android/data/..." folder it is ok


If your music files are being synced to the android/data folder that could explain it. The data folder is to be used by individual apps, accessible global data should not be stored there. Where do you have your sync folder set up within the mobile client?



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I sync in this folder because bittorrent sync dont allow to use another folder on a extSdCard (at least on kitkat android, dont know for others)

I've read many others threads on similar problems with sync programs with kitkat limitations.

I'v tried with no luck deleting ".nomedia" files, purge caches, use media scanner apps, and so on ...


If i could be able to sync another folder i guess that would solve everything.


Hmm having deleted the ".nomedia" files , THEN delete the synced folder and resync again seems to work !

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